Jewish Food


Item Code



J704 White and chocolate macaroons on plate $4.00
J705 White macaroons on plate $4.00
J706 Chocolate macaroons on plate $4.00
J800 Cream cheese lox and bagel on plate $5.50
J801 Noodle soup bottle    $6.00
J802 Noodle soup plate $4.00
J803 Chopped liver on plate  $4.00
J804 Kishka on plate $4.00
J805A Challahs (2) braided  $3.00
J805B Challahs (2) rectangular $3.00
J807 Pot of cholent   $12.00
J809 Fruit slices (candies)   $3.50
J813 Box of Tam-Tams $3.50
J815 Noodle soup tureen  $12.00
J816 Basket of bagels    $8.00

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