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Tropical Floral Arrangement   -   $50.00

Tropical Floral Arrangement

You will be making Dracaena, Croton, and Anthurium. You will learn an easy veining technique developed by the instructor. Your plants will all be arranged in a lovely urn.

Spring Floral Arrangement   -   $50.00

Spring Floral Arrangement

You will make Primulas, Trailing Ivy, choice of Hyacinths, Daffodils, or Tulips plus some other spring items. You will do some painting and cutting. Your flowers will be arranged in a lovely urn.

Hanging Spider Plant with Babies  -  $30.00

Hanging Spider Plant with Babies

Plant, made from paper (some painting and cutting) will be arranged in a lovely hanging pot.

Arbour with two Planters   -  $95.00

Students will assemble the arbour and two flower planters. Painting is your choice. Kit will include all parts for the arbour: lattice, two hanging pots, all material to make flowers and greenery for the planters and hanging pots.

Students will also learn how to make anemones, golden bells, morning glory and fuchsia flowers. You will also learn veining, colouring/painting and shading techniques.

Allium and Paphiopedilum Arrangement (Slipper Orchid)   -  $40.00

Students will learn how to make and arrange different flowers and plants out of acid free paper. The kit includes material to make alliums, paphiopedilum orchid, caladiums, rattlesnake leaves, evergreen leaves and curly willow.

Students will learn veining techniques, colouring/painting and shading and have the choice of 4 or 5 different caladium colour leaves. Also, techniques of professional flower arranging will be shown.